1. I need new pillows.
  2. But I'm so poor/cheap
  3. I wonder if I can just wash them.
  4. *googles 'can I wash feather pillows?'*
  5. That's it, I'm washing my pillows!
  6. They should new ready for bedtime, yassss
  7. Time for the dryer; sweet! Feathers didn't ruin my washer!
  8. *forty minutes later* time for round two!
  9. *another forty minutes later* another go round wouldn't hurt. Hey do these smell funny to you?
  10. I'm ready for bed, I wonder if the damn pillows are dry yet.
  11. Fuck me. Round four it is...
  12. *forty more minutes later* I don't even care, these are done now. Seriously, do they smell though?
  13. These definitely have an, um, odour to them. What the hell.
  14. Like, they smelled better with three years worth of skin cells crawling in them. Euck.
  15. I should have just bought new fucking pillows.