I've always admired the friendly fisherman in this Genesee Beer commercial. Here are a few reasons why. http://youtu.be/Ga4y9i21igM
  1. Knows how to spot an opportunity
    A nice looking young lady and a cooler of beer, of course he's going to call them over to try his chowder. Here's an opportunity to make some new friends, drink some free beer and share a few tales of the big one that got away. It's a win-win for everyone, but he's coming out on top.
  2. Fish Chowder
    As far as chowders go, it's nothing but clam, clam, clam up here in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps it's a different story on the east coast, but I was delighted to see an alternative chowder in his repertoire.
  3. Enjoying Retirement
    His boat looks a little small to run a commercial fishing operation, so I'm betting he's retired. Who else has time to slave over a fish chowder during the middle of the day? Kudos to him for taking today's catch and turning it into a conversation starter.
  4. Repays a compliment
    They loved his chowder, he loved their beer. "Hey, that Genesee is almost as good as my chowder." ALMOST.
  5. He's Classy
    It would be easy and expected to serve his guests chowder out of styrofoam bowls, they're on a boat and it is the 70's after all. Instead he went for the porcelain cup & saucer option. Seriously? What a guy! I hope that young couple learned a thing or two and bring a couple Genesee steins next time.
  6. That Jacket
    I can't tell for sure if it's patchwork or perhaps a wool flannel buffalo check. Whatever it is, it's really handsome and I want one. The collar may be flared a little too much for today's taste, but that's not necessarily a deal breaker. The yellow overalls, cap & beard really complete the ensemble, but that jacket!
  7. Not Awkward
    Meeting new people and making a good first impression can be tricky. Not for this guy! That young couple did not hesitate getting on a strangers boat to eat his chowder. Nothing awkward about that, nothing at all.