1. Drying Rack/Clothesline
    Use bungee cords to fan out up to ten Power Rods®, creating an ideal spot to dry delicate items. Or remove the pulleys and stretch those rod cables to the nearest support beam, now you've got yourself an indoor clothesline. Congratulations, that golf polo is basement fresh!
  2. Geocache Prize Bonanza
    Disassemble the Bowflex® bolt by bolt. Then sprinkle that gold coast to coast. Who wouldn't be thrilled to find a Power Rod® in that hollow log over there?
  3. Video Game Command Center
    Move the bench into the upright reclined position. Remove the leg extension and replace with your favorite monitor/television. Hang a five gallon Home Depot bucket from a Power Rod® on either side. To the right, five gallons of Cool Ranch Doritos. To the left, five gallons of Mountain Dew.
  4. Red Bull Flugtag
    Flap hard, it'll fly. Geronimo!
  5. LARPer's Delight
    Outfit up to ten archers with state of the art non-functioning bows for the next big battle.
  6. Got Huskies?
    Attach sled runners to the base & leads to the Power Rods®. Mush away!
  7. Paperweight
    Self explanatory
  8. Happy Holidays
    Easily converts into a festive Christmas tree-like display or menorah. Just add lights & ornaments or candles.
  9. Scarecrow
    Protect those raised garden beds from pesky vermin*. Use your old fat clothes (thx Bowflex®!) to create a menacing figure to loom over your precious veggies. *also scares off neighbor kids
  10. Breakfast Nookbot
    Reconfigure the pulley system and Power Rods® to pour coffee, juice, syrup or even waffle batter (waffle iron not included with original Bowflex®) with just a simple tug. Tell the kids breakfast is being served by Nookbot. Now Mom/Dad's the real Saturday morning superhero! This could work equally well pouring & mixing cocktails in your basement tiki bar.