Share your best crate digging scores. eBay & Discogs have crushed the thrill of the hunt by bringing a worldwide marketplace to your fingertips. If there's a record that you're desperate to own, you can now track it down much easier... for (likely) a premium price. There's still nothing better than scoring a deal after doing a little digging.
  1. The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle [US, Date TES 4013 - 1968] purchased circa 2010 at Crossroads Records, Portland, OR [$20] NM-/EX
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    Crossroads is a multi-vender record shop, think antique mall style. I found this in a recent arrivals bin of a vender I typically didn't look through. O&O has been a favorite of mine since 1998 when I picked up a CD reissue. I still covet a 1968 UK CBS copy in mono, but I'm unlikely to ever lay my hands on one of those. At the time this should have probably fetched $50-$75... likely even more today.
  2. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless [UK, Creation Records crelp 060 - 1991] purchased circa 2002 at Reckless Records, Chicago, IL [$35] EX/VG
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    Cover was a little dinged on the corners, but at that time it had never been issued on vinyl in the states. I'm positive I'd never seen a copy before, I didn't hesitate because it's an all time favorite. I remembering being disappointed that it was reissued on Plain a year later, happily that LP is garbage. Later, I realized this was a highly coveted direct metal mastering pressing.
  3. Wire - Pink Flag [US, Harvest ST-11757 - 1978] purchased circa 2003 at Plaza/Wuxtry Records, Carbondale, IL [$15] M/M
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    Back visiting my old college town one weekend & stumbled into quite a haul. Minutes before I arrive, an old Plaza employee had sold off a crate of records. I get the okay to look with the caveat that they weren't priced yet. Stone mint, first pressing copies of Pink Flag, Bowie - Low & Heroes, Rum Sodomy & The Lash, Pixies - Surfer Rosa & Doolittle, & NY - On The Beach. $100 for them all! PF had been at the top of my want list for years.
  4. Neil Young - Time Fades Away
    I had been looking for a long time. I was entranced by the rare track "Don't be Denied". Finally found it at Crossroads. I wasn't denied on that magical day.
    Suggested by @elooto