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    It's just right. Having grown up in a 65 mph state, 70 still feels like some amazing luxury.
  2. 35
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    When you're in town, is there anything better?
  3. 55
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    I think the Red Rocker got it wrong. Perfect for a romp through the countryside. See #9
  4. 20
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    School Zone = Cool Zone
  5. 45
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    Oh, you little beauty!
  6. 10
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    Welcome to Shady Acres RV park! Relax, stay awhile.
  7. 75
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    You're growing on me.
  8. 60
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    I can work with this, but what are you up to?
  9. 65
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    The new 55
  10. 50
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    It takes way too much discipline to maintain such a middling speed. What are we doing here?
  11. 30
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    Please turn into a 35mph zone. Please! Please! Please!
  12. Reasonable & Prudent
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    "It's up to you bro, but be cool." (Montana speed limit policy, 1995-1999)
    Suggested by @jonathan
  13. 25
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    My neighbor will scream at you if you exceed it.
  14. 15
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    I hope you're picking up someone you love from the airport, otherwise this is a disaster.
  15. 80
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  16. 5
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    Get off the forklift! You're not properly licensed to drive that thing.
  17. 40
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    Definitely a speed trap. Be on high alert!
  18. 85
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    Texas, you've always gotta go big. This is really pushing it. What's the hurry?