1. Last holiday season. Three siblings' dogs meet. My heart grows three sizes that day.
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  2. I rode down this slide in London this year. It was THE BEST.
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  3. Snow is beautiful...when you haven't had to experience it in almost a year.
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  4. Is there a reason I saved this on my phone? Possible pre-planning on my part knowing it would make me giggle when I uncovered it again?
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  5. Literally the only photo from my wedding that I have saved on my phone. Why??
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  6. The staircase I want when I'm rich.
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  7. I have no idea.
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  8. Remember that time I was so baffled by an article of clothing that I surreptitiously photographed a stranger?
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  9. This is cross-stitched!!!
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  10. Seriously. Look at the back.
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  11. It's me and a goat!
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