As a child, I was permitted only three boxes at any one time. Now, as a putative grown-up, I can curate infinity boxes of cereal. So mixing has become common.
  1. Kashi "Honey Sunshine" and Nature's Path "Heritage Flakes"
    The flakes, having about 3kg of fiber per portion, are a bit sawdusty. And the honey squares are a bit cloying and puffy. As with any good marriage, the union nullifies individual flaws.
  2. Kashi "Autumn Wheat" with Granola
    Autumn Wheat is like shredded wheat, only with deeper flavor. But the texture is the same monotonous frizzy-ness. I find that a small amount of granola acts as inter-frizzal grout, adding much-needed diversity.
  3. Anything with Cocoa Krispies
    A framing device. A "wash". Background color and background flavor.
  4. Cheerios and Corn Flakes
    What I'm going for here is primarily textural. The milk-molten flakes, which are from Venus, add connective whimsy to the Lego-like O's, which are from Mars. The flavor is delightfully low-rent multigrain.
  5. Special K With Freeze-Dried Strawberries and Rice Chex
    Special K is engineered for textural complexity. Likewise Rice Chex. The two together make for polyrhythmic molar music - a sugary sonata appreciated via bone induction. The genius part is using not just Special K, but Special K With Freeze-Dried Strawberries. This piles on still greater textural counterpoint (from the weirdly astronautic fruit), while injecting gobs of bright berry flavor.