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  1. Not me
    Nice try Barney I'm a good boy.
For those emotions that are beyond words. Get on this phone conglomerate monopolies
  1. A blank face
    For when there is just no other face that describes what you're feeling. A last resort of sorts. *I was just informed this already exists. Guess it's just so bland it got right past me
  2. A shrugging emoji
    For when you really need people to see that you don't care
  3. A face that looks like Jaden Smith just smelled a fart
    For when your stoned roommate says something that cannot be unheard
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This place is worth the money if you ever go. So much watery adventure to be had for all ages and interests. They even had some birds and a sloth for those less marinatically inclined.
    They're just so aloof and carefree. Also beautiful but I thinks it's the aloofness that attracts me the most.
  2. 2. SEA OTTER
    I could watch this guy all DAY. I met someone who actually said they hate sea otters and felt the world fall apart a little.
    It's like looking into a nebula.
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Call it pretentious. It probably is! Here are all the albums that lack a single song I don't like (that I've heard). Throw it on and press random and I will always be down for it. Keep in mind that there are lots of my favorite artists that didn't make this list because of one meh song and that's just too bad. Also this is 100% unranked.
  1. Costello Music - The Fratellis
    This band is one of the oldest that has stuck with me through the years. Their debut album came exploding out of the UK and hit songs like Flathead, Chelsea Dagger, and Baby Fratelli have made their way into so many commercials and soundtracks it's impossible to have not heard these guys even if you don't know it. The Fratellis are still making music but I don't think it's possible to live up to this masterpiece that screams fun makes you take things a lot less seriously.
  2. Seeds - Hey Rosetta!
    Other times, it can take a few albums before you create something like Seeds. This band really found their sound with this album. It was so good, the band had to really change their style for the next album because they knew they'd hit their peak for the chello/violin alt rock thing they had going on. The unreal composition of songs like Yer Fall in between the high energy pieces like Welcome give this album great dynamics both within the individual songs and within the album itself.
  3. Lapalco - Brendan Benson
    Now this is a weird one I admit. I find it hard to say what exactly I like about the album exactly. I guess to me it really gives you the feeling of a talented artist just getting into the music scene. He keeps a bit of the quirkiness from his first album and brings his sound into a more catchy, rocky medium that fits him so well. Overall it creates a perfect impression of the early solo musician that permeates through the album.
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It's an unwritten rule to never go looking for anything in particular at VV or you're doomed to never find it. I knew I wouldn't be getting everything on my list (see the last list) but I'm still more than satisfied.
  1. Nice tank: check
    Soft too
  2. Trinket: check
    It's a piggy bank that is a loon with a necklace that says Looney Bank. Trinket/10
  3. Sickest button-up
    It actually fits so well.
  4. DaVinci's Challenge
    Holy shit me and my brother used to play this all the time! It's gonna be a nostalgic blast and a great addition to my game collection.
  1. A nice tank
    The Okanagan is the desert of BC and I need more than my green Timmy's Gym tank to get through it.
  2. A fanny pack
    I've always got my eye out for a good one. A great hiking companion for when you don't want the whole damn backpack.
  3. Some fancy kicks
    You gotta be careful with Value Village shoes but I've gotten crazy lucky with them just as much as I've gotten unlucky. Grabbed some $12 rainboots last time that have been lifesaving.
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Just returned to my British Columbian homeland and here's why it's so bomb...
    From the moment I got off the plane it feels like it's been summer for months. I'm talking real t-shirt weather. Halifax can screw right off with its clouds and wind and rain. The Okanagan Valley protects us from such stormy nonsense.
  2. The Old Crew
    Already I'm making plans with everyone I've been missing for the last nine months. First up, a stop at Value Village to get back into the Vernon lifestyle.
  3. The Activities!
    With warm weather comes actually doing things outside again (or at least wanting to). Cliff jumping at Rattlesnake Point, hiking Cougar Canyon, Hitting up the Boulder Fields. That's actually a whole other list right there...
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