For those emotions that are beyond words. Get on this phone conglomerate monopolies
  1. A blank face
    For when there is just no other face that describes what you're feeling. A last resort of sorts. *I was just informed this already exists. Guess it's just so bland it got right past me
  2. A shrugging emoji
    For when you really need people to see that you don't care
  3. A face that looks like Jaden Smith just smelled a fart
    For when your stoned roommate says something that cannot be unheard
  4. Hair flip emoji
    For when you need to own it. Suggested by my buddy Ariel
  5. 'Blinking back tears but still smiling' face
    For when that girl turns down your date invitation over text. For when your homie disses on you on a group chat but it really cuts deep. For when the crushing weight of the world is breaking your spirit but your rad grandma texts you she's coming over for dinner.
  6. An emoji of the bottom half of your box of stale Lucky Charms
    Because it's 2016 and writing that out when your parents ask what you had for dinner just makes you feel worse about it.
  7. Throw your suggestions my way!