My List of Perfect Albums (and what they do right)

Call it pretentious. It probably is! Here are all the albums that lack a single song I don't like (that I've heard). Throw it on and press random and I will always be down for it. Keep in mind that there are lots of my favorite artists that didn't make this list because of one meh song and that's just too bad. Also this is 100% unranked.
  1. Costello Music - The Fratellis
    This band is one of the oldest that has stuck with me through the years. Their debut album came exploding out of the UK and hit songs like Flathead, Chelsea Dagger, and Baby Fratelli have made their way into so many commercials and soundtracks it's impossible to have not heard these guys even if you don't know it. The Fratellis are still making music but I don't think it's possible to live up to this masterpiece that screams fun makes you take things a lot less seriously.
  2. Seeds - Hey Rosetta!
    Other times, it can take a few albums before you create something like Seeds. This band really found their sound with this album. It was so good, the band had to really change their style for the next album because they knew they'd hit their peak for the chello/violin alt rock thing they had going on. The unreal composition of songs like Yer Fall in between the high energy pieces like Welcome give this album great dynamics both within the individual songs and within the album itself.
  3. Lapalco - Brendan Benson
    Now this is a weird one I admit. I find it hard to say what exactly I like about the album exactly. I guess to me it really gives you the feeling of a talented artist just getting into the music scene. He keeps a bit of the quirkiness from his first album and brings his sound into a more catchy, rocky medium that fits him so well. Overall it creates a perfect impression of the early solo musician that permeates through the album.
  4. Consolers of the Lonely - The Raconteurs
    Then you take Brendan Benson's musical body and wit and smash it together with the flair and energy of Jack White and create some of the greatest fusion band material out there. It was so good they made a second one and thank the Lord they did. Consolers took the now solidified Raconteurs and let them create a entire album of rock smashers with authentic Nashville flavour. Between tex-mex epic 'Switch and the Spur' and the convoluted story of 'Carolina Drama', the South reins strong here.
  5. Tic Toc Tic - The Zolas
    Straight out of Vancouver, this unreal band brought a some excellent sounds the stage. The genuinely impressive vocal range of Zack blends with the piano/guitar combo to create songs that all show such strong emotion no matter the tempo. I really appreciate the clarity of the vocals on this album. It makes the dynamics in the songs all the easier to appreciate and gives it a great 'first album' vibe.
  6. Ancient Mars - The Zolas
    Remember how Hey Rosetta! changed their sound after making Seeds? The Zolas did exactly the same thing, only better. Moving closer to pop, they added reverb to the vocals, swapped the piano for a keyboard, and just continued on making some amazing melodies and great imagery in their music. That's what made the music of the first album so great, not just the style. Make sure to get the bonus track 'Cultured Man' because it is prime.
  7. Kill the Moonlight - Spoon
    I've always liked Spoon for their cool, 'we make what we like, doesn't matter if you like it' style. They'll make a great catchy pop tune, and next up will be some weird stuff that ends up grabbing all the same because, hey, it's Spoon. Kill the Moonlight pulls this off best for me by never getting weird in a way that I can't dig. I can definitely see everyone having very different opinions on Spoon albums but this one is mine. You'll be hooked by the end of 'Something to Look Forward To'.
  8. England Keep My Bones - Frank Turner
    This guy is the most honest singer I know. His songs are just so...real. Like every song he made for a reason and it just makes you like him. This album is all about his idea of what it means to be English these days and for what I know about English culture (incredibly little) it seems accurate enough. Frank played for the London Olympics so he must be doing something right. His folk/punk mix is a rarity and should be given its fair due at least. You won't be disappointed.
  9. The Hazards of Love - The Decemberists
    The Decemberists have always been known for their composition and dark storytelling. Well Colin Melody couldn't hold it in anymore and they produced this genuinely epic rock opera. The entire album tells a story from start to finish as each song blends into the next. I don't mean like symbolically, like narratively with acts and character development and unique singers for the different parts. This is an album that you just have to sit down, plug in, close your eyes and listen.
  10. The King is Dead - The Decemberists
    Colin finally got his grande epic with The Hazards of Love. It was about damn time to start something new. So, taking the band out of the ciry and adding a new fiddle player/vocalist, the band recorded this new album in a small cottage in the countryside. Moving ever so slightly closer to country (but still nowhere near) , this album has some of their most widely relatable music since 16 Military Wives and the new sound seems just right once it settles in.
  11. 151a - Kishi Bashi
    I first saw a live performance of this guy using a looper that could change speed and octave on his violin and voice doing It All Began With a Burst and was instantly hooked. The I heard this album and got double hooked. Kishi Bashi's strange mix of violin, electronica, and pop has created something beautiful. I find this album works just as good on a study playlist as it does a workout playlist. Give him a chance and check out Bright Whites if you want to know what this guy is all about.
  12. Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky - OK Go
    Everyone knows 'That video with the treadmills' but OK Go has gone a long way since then. This album is their first venture into a new sound of theirs, with more falsetto from Damian and less pop-rock from the band. The songs range from the acoustic Last Leaf to the high energy This Too Shall Pass. They still make killer music videos so check them out as you enjoy the new OK Go goodness.
  13. PUP - PUP
    These guys are my newest perfect album and the current shining example that punk is not dead. From start to finish PUP brings hard hitting, high energy music. I always appreciate clarity in a singer and it's surprisingly good here. Even through the screaming bits you can still make his words out. As you listen through the album again and again (as I did) , you'll find that every member is really talented and the lyrics can be both fun and emotional all in one. Punk is back in my friends.
  14. Blood Guts Bruises Cuts - The Dudes
    If there was one album to pick up for the summer, this is it. The Dudes are the kings of summer rock and this album is their chance to show it. The drummer here is one of my all time favorites. Sure Danny Vacon makes these awesome songs but something about those drums gives it the perfect energy for what they're trying to do, and that is to be as fun as possible. They have songs about girls, songs about partying, songs about girls partying, and more!
  15. Wet From Birth - The Faint
    The Faint are a techno-punk band that somehow showed up on my YouTube one day and I've been loving them ever since. The vocals mix well with the synth but the band still has a drummer, guitar, and bass to go along. Wet From Birth has an macabre intensity to it that sets it apart from other albums. The songs span a wide range of topics from being born to tearing down the falsities of the modern music industry to boners. And I would gladly dance to any one of them.
  16. Fasciination - The Faint
    For when you want that Fainty goodness with a little less edge to it. This album still rages widely in topics, but also in style. There's the upbeat Machine in the Ghost or Psycho and the intense march (and sad sad story) of Fulcrum & Lever to balance it out. I think it's the range of topics and thought put behind them that makes me like these guys so much. For example Mirror Error is all about the struggles people have with self image. You know, things you can really get behind.
  17. Utah - Jamestown Revival
    A recommendation from a friend. A GREAT recommendation from a friend. From way down South, this duo brings some strong southern folk to the table. The music is either happy or calming with no negativity to be found. The real strength lies in the on-point vocal harmonies these two pull off every single song. The vocals are done at the same volume, so which one is the harmony is your own decision. I love singing these in the car with my friends doing both parts. Great summer music.
  18. Mandala - Rx Bandits
    The Rx Bandits, otherwise known as The Pharmaceutical Bandits, are an experimental rock band. What does that mean? Crazy time signatures, tempo changes, and more are in store for you. I've heard this album described as 'perfectly controlled chaos' and I think it fits very nicely. These are some of the most talented musicians I know and that includes my favourite drummer ever, Chris Tsagakis. Listen to it just to appreciate how complicated it is and how difficult it must be to have made it.
  19. Gemini, Her Majesty - Rx Bandits
    And then they did it again! The boys are back with some slightly less chaotic and more catchy tunes. They also did away with the short instrumentals in between songs, which is probably for the best overall. For me it doesn't compare to Mandala, like not even close. BUT the fact that it's still on this list shows just how good these guys are. Since I have some space, here's a fun fact: Rx Bandits started out as a ska band! It's funny how much things can change.
  20. O My Heart - Mother Mother
    Mother Mother is just so damn cool. I'm a big fan of harmonies and these guys have not one, but TWO girls doing harmonies here. Like The Faint, these guys makes songs about everything and anything. O My Heart has mostly songs about death but that's not to say the songs are sad at all. Most are surprisingly upbeat given the material of the song. The most morose song on the album is about traveling a long ways (Miles). This is a great into to the diversity of Mother Mother music.
  21. Eureka - Mother Mother
    And then they made a party album. You call tell just from the album cover that this one's going to be a good time and Eureka doesn't disappoint. The same range of topics (planetary rotation, getting your picture taken, etc.) but with more upbeatness and energy. I'd say I like like this one better than O My Heart just because it's easier to toss on at a social gathering without getting weird looks from your friends. Well...they still will, but less.
  22. More to come! (surely)
    Never stop exploring music everyone. You never know what you'll end up liking. This list spans my entire life with music, and it will extend into the future. If I find something new and perfect, I'll throw it on here so check back every once in a while!