1. It was about the advertising business
  2. Don Draper was really an actor named Jon Hamm
  3. Joan Halloway was very "sexy"
  4. Peggy Olson was not related in anyway to Jimmy Olson from the Superman DC world
  5. The show was a period drama so it took place in another era
  6. No one in the show used iPhones
  7. The series was created by a guy named Matthew Weiner
  8. On the set the place where they had free food for the crew was called "craft service"
  9. They used cameras of some sort to film the show
  10. Pete Campbell was one of the guys in the show
  11. Bert Cooper was famous when he was younger
  12. The show finally ended after many seasons
  13. You can buy the show on DVD or "stream" it somehow
  14. Don Draper liked to get it in with the ladies