1. Waste of time
  2. Good chance your mom's friend will see a post about your assyness and then tell on you
  3. Ex-relationship will think your happy and re-enter your life to try and kill you
  4. It's a Friendster wannabe that will never catch on
  5. The fucking ads that are creepy
  6. Too much righteous indignation.
  7. It's not really fun
  8. I don't use it so why even worry about
  9. Too many unfriendings
  10. Can just google funny cat videos anytime you want
  11. It's not Uber
  12. Horrible place to post anything heartfelt
  13. Can't possibly go to your one-person show or what ever you're marketing and sort of feel bad except you invited over 1000 people so it's even sadder that less than 20 show up.
  14. Too many other apps on my phone and don't have the storage capacity.