Maybe he's no competition for @andycohen & Wacha, but here's some of another Cardinals Nation beagle's best attitude and poses.
  1. The "I Need Dinner"
    Furthermore, this bowl belongs in the kitchen.
  2. The "I Need Water"
    Similar to "I Need Dinner," but he can't move it.
  3. The "Upside Down Dinner"
    How are you supposed to eat that way, sir?
  4. The "Sous Chef"
    Standing on a pot to try and look at what's cooking.
  5. The "Sous Chef 2"
    "Is this not helpful?"
  6. The "Summer Squint"
    "Leave me alone! I'm tanning!"
  7. The "Milkbone Dance"
    "Help! I'm stuck!"
  8. The "Selfie Side-Eye"
    "Seriously, Mom?!"
  9. The "Snuggle Stare"
    No sense of personal space.
  10. The "Dinner Snuggle"
    Again, personal space, sir!
  11. The "Cone"
    Saddest look ever!
  12. The "Ultimate #TBT"
    Puppy's first photo session.
  13. The "Cali Beach Bum"
    Puppy's first beach trip.
  14. The "Present Attack"
    Puppy's first Christmas.
  15. The "Goofy Action Star"
    "Too busy to pose, Mom! Bye!"