Maybe he's no competition for @andycohen & Wacha, but here's some of another Cardinals Nation beagle's best attitude and poses.
  1. The "I Need Dinner"
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    Furthermore, this bowl belongs in the kitchen.
  2. The "I Need Water"
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    Similar to "I Need Dinner," but he can't move it.
  3. The "Upside Down Dinner"
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    How are you supposed to eat that way, sir?
  4. The "Sous Chef"
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    Standing on a pot to try and look at what's cooking.
  5. The "Sous Chef 2"
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    "Is this not helpful?"
  6. The "Summer Squint"
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    "Leave me alone! I'm tanning!"
  7. The "Milkbone Dance"
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    "Help! I'm stuck!"
  8. The "Selfie Side-Eye"
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    "Seriously, Mom?!"
  9. The "Snuggle Stare"
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    No sense of personal space.
  10. The "Dinner Snuggle"
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    Again, personal space, sir!
  11. The "Cone"
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    Saddest look ever!
  12. The "Ultimate #TBT"
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    Puppy's first photo session.
  13. The "Cali Beach Bum"
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    Puppy's first beach trip.
  14. The "Present Attack"
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    Puppy's first Christmas.
  15. The "Goofy Action Star"
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    "Too busy to pose, Mom! Bye!"