1. Twitter: Dislikes
    This is where Donald Trump is thriving and into DMs The People are sliding
  2. YouTube: LOVES
    This is where he watches cat videos, and goddamn does he love cat videos
  3. Email: Great!
    Never has ignoring urgent messages and being notified about the latest Macy's sale been so easy
  4. GIFS: ???
    To be honest GIFS confuse Bill Gates. They're pictures... that move...... on a loop?
  5. Bronies: Jesus Christ he fucking HATES these
    Like all normal people Bill Gates hates that there is a large community of grown men who are sexualizing and ruining a child's cartoon
  6. Rule 34: Disappointed
    Bill Gates was really into the movie Avatar and boy was he upset when he accidentally happened upon the porn version
  7. Memes: They're ok. He really likes the one with the bear falling out of the tree though.
    What he doesn't understand most about memes is why they all have that godawful font.
  8. This list: he could not give a shit
    Bill Gates makes ~$4500 a MINUTE and could not be bothered with this mess of a list