Cast list for my life story

  1. Sarah Snook - Me
    She grew up in my city and she was born the same year. She's the other me.
  2. Peter Gallagher - Dad (and his twin)
    62 years old and he still has a full head of black hair.
  3. Ellen Pompeo - Mom
    I can't watch Meredith Grey without thinking of my mother
  4. Kevin McKidd - My brother Guy
    Even the facial expressions.
  5. Willa Holland - My sister Erin
    Okay, this one's not so good. But there's a few of the same facial features and the hair is the same.
  6. Alexis Bledel - My friend Alex
    Actually, Alexis could play a lot of my friends
  7. Julie Andrews - My Nana
    I can't think of anyone right to play Grandpa
  8. Emma Thompson - My Auntie Rosalie