I started watching ER at 13, so this was all known before medical shows.
  1. Endoscopy
  2. Adenosine
  3. Tachycardia
  4. Cardiac
  5. Sats
  6. Ablation
  7. Stent
  8. Congenital
  9. Catheter
  10. Echocardiogram
  11. Pulmonary
  12. Shunt
  13. Spleen
  14. I knew what the heart was supposed to look like
    This isn't a word, but it counts. I also knew how my heart was different
  15. How to read the numbers on the machine
    Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen etc
  16. I knew enough to know that if the dr/nurse was inexperienced, I would be telling them what to do