In chronological order
  1. When I was about 10, I had a dress like one of the ones Marta wore in The Sound Of Music
    The one in this scene
  2. And I have Rory's tshirt
  3. As an early adult I had a white jacket (which I've just replaced) the same as has been worn by Monica Geller and Lucy Camden
    I love this jacket, and I had g before I realised it was the same
  4. Static
  5. And Amelia Shepherd
    I couldn't find a photo of her in the same white jacket
  6. Years ago I bought a dress off eBay that looks like Serenade Van Der Woodsen's dress at the white party
  7. And I recently discovered that I have one of Buffy's coats
    This one was bought before I had even watched Buffy
  8. And, most recently, I've acquired a Fishermans' jacket like Lorelai/Sarah
    They both wear one