WARNING: lots of cute kitten pictures ahead.
  1. I got a tiny kitty for Christmas 2014
  2. This is my favorite photo of him, taken Christmas Day
  3. He was fascinated by the computer
  4. And he loves to stretch out when he sleeps
  5. Look how tiny he was!
  6. Cuddle time
  7. Life is so hard!
  8. It's so hot he had to stretch out
    This was on one of the hottest days of summer. It was about 45/115 degrees
  9. He was so small he could fit anywhere
  10. Making mischief
  11. I have a hard time believing he was ever that small
  12. I trained him quickly to look at the camera
  13. Grabbing for the camera
  14. Enough photos for today
  15. He looked tiny against my (seemingly) huge double bed
    My bed isn't really that big, just a standard double
  16. Checking out the bag
  17. Thirsty kitty
    I still have a hard time keeping food and drink away from him
  18. So photogenic
  19. Sleeping next to the window
  20. Such a big box
  21. Checking out the bathroom sink
    For weeks we kept finding the plug all around the house because he would go into the bathroom and grab the plug to carry somewhere
  22. Watching the washing machine wash the clothes
  23. Tuckered out
  24. Too tired to even hold his head up
  25. Climbing the screen dirt because he wanted to go out
  26. What are you doing with that camera?!
  27. In the closet
  28. Getting too big for his bed
  29. Reading the novel I was writing
    I have since finished it. Pitching it later this year
  30. Making sure I'm unable to do any work
  31. My writing buddy
  32. Checking out the toilet
  33. So cute
  34. He loves making the bed
  35. He always turns up just when you're starting to make the bed
  36. And he always gets in the way
  37. What? I'm just having fun!
  38. Cozy
  39. Clothes are soft
  40. Love close ups
  41. I was under the blanket and he was on top. I had to get up so he got to be wrapped up
  42. King of the kitchen
  43. Procrastination at its finest
  44. Sometimes he prefers the floor to the bed
  45. A spot of reading
  46. Do I have to play Santa?
  47. Christmas Eve 2015. He had so much fun with the wrapping paper
  48. He is one twisted cat.
  49. Protesting the after Christmas cleanup
  50. Candid shot
  51. This was on one of hottest day of the next summer.
    You'd think it would be too hot under there
  52. More of making sure I can't do any work
  53. You can't work if I'm in the middle of the desk
  54. He doesn't usually sleep with his mouth open
  55. Even when I do write I can't avoid him
  56. Believe it or not, this photo was taken right way up
  57. Now that he's big, I can't believe how small a space he can still fit into
  58. Trying to make the bed when he decided to settle down to sleep in the middle of the process
  59. Someone wanted to come with my sister to Bali
  60. This is the latest photo
  61. That I had to make a meme out of
    I plan to do this more with some other photos of him