Pros and cons of being a writer who works at home

  1. Pro: I can work as much (or as little) as I want
    And I do. Right now I'm averaging 16 hours a day and I love it
  2. Con: it's always the days that I'm totally settled into working that my mom is home and wants me to do all the jobs around the house
  3. Pro: my commute is about one step from my bed to my desk
  4. Con: there's no one making sure I actually do some work, which is often a struggle
  5. Pro: I can wear whatever I want
    I am working in my pajamas right now
  6. Con: there's nowhere to get dressed up for
    I actually love dressing up and sometimes I dress up for myself out of necessity
  7. I can eat whatever I want
    Which usually results in junk food because I tell myself I don't have time to cook while I'm working
  8. Con: I have no money
    This is because I haven't actually sold a novel yet. I'm working on it.