I didn't grow up in a pet friendly family. My father thought they were dirty and his immigrant roots couldn't reconcile caring for an animal. But I do love their companionship and understanding. And hope for many more.
  1. Gower - a feral tabby cat that I spent 15 years with including a year and a half of chemo killing the cancer to only have her die of kidney failure once declared cancer-free.
  2. Hermes - a roommate's black cat left behind for me to care for until it was hit by a car.
  3. Baby - a mixed dachshund and terrier named by the elderly ladies who found her. Sent off with my father's secretary when I left for college.
  4. Bear - my younger sister's dog. Still around. Still amazing.
  5. Miep - a black cat that I accidentally sealed into the crawl space under my house for 2 weeks. S/he comes back every now and again for a meal.