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I get paid to write about video games so I've played a lot of them this year. Here is my list of my favorite games I've played this year. Note, this isn't the best games...but the ones I've found myself playing over and over.
  1. Telltale's Batman
    In reality, Telltale's Batman follows the same basic gameplay ideas that everyone of the studio's games have for years but everything from the look to the gameplay are a perfect fit for The Dark Knight. More importantly though, it's a perfect fit for Bruce Wayne. No game has ever gotten the dual personalities this right before.
  2. Ratchet and Clank
    I've always loved video games, but there was a time in late middle school/early high school where I decided I was too cool (or maybe it was my girlfriend at the time). As a result I missed the whole 3D platforming boom and Sony's PS4 reboot of Ratchet and Clank felt like payback for that. Mechanically, it's as good as any platformer on the market and it's so full of heart that it's impossible not to smile while playing it.
  3. Hitman
    Square Enix's episodic take on Hitman wasn't supposed to work, but holy damn did it. Getting rid of the flaws and transgressions from previous games, the series returns to the franchises' core mechanics and gives players huge playgrounds to unlock their most sick and twisted ideas. So much replay value in such a cheap package.
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I've lived in Milwaukee for most of my life, but when I go places everyone thinks the same thing; we live in farms with cows. While all of that's here, here are a few things that may surprise you about the best city in the world.
  1. We've got water and lots of it
    Whenever people come to visit they're surprised at just how much beach areas and water we really have. Lake Michigan is awesome in the summer and there are plenty of other lakes to swim, fish and do other fun stuff in. Plus, no sharks.
  2. Our music and culture is pretty badass.
    First off, we've got Summerfest, the world's largest outdoor music festival but that's not all, there are so many clubs here where you can go to hear live music from great bands. There are museums, family attractions, a festival every weekend in the summer. There's rarely a weekend where there's nothing to do.
  3. Our restaurants are better and cheaper than most
    When you think Milwaukee you think beer and cheese and while we do have those (and they're also cheaper and better than anywhere else), Milwaukee is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. The beautiful picture of sausagey goodness is from Vangaurd, a fantastic new bar and restraint on the south side. While you can get a normal chili dog they also serve stuff like Octopus Chorizo. Whatever you're looking for, you're likely to find it here, and for a lot cheaper than in most cities.
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I'm going to use Joe for this because Joey seems to just bring up that guy from Friends. I never liked that show anyway.
  1. This is strange but it's just about the extent of my dancing abilities so I'll allow it.
  2. There are apparently a lot of gifs from Across the Universe. I liked that movie and picked this one because it's one of my favorite Beatles songs and reminds me of my wife.
  3. I searched Joseph for this one...and it brought me Don Knotts. Who knew? Also there was this sweet Tom Jones dancing gif but it wouldn't load.
  4. And we'll close on this one.
  1. For my wife who has lost her keys twice in the last week. Twice!
  2. My kid. My damn kid. A little Joe....or Joette, we don't know yet.
  3. I work at an Animal Shelter, someone surrendered a dog and said that this is what the dog was eating. Yes, those are milkbones.
  4. That's Gilly. She's badass. And sleepy.