What to do on Sunday

Sunday things to do are:
  1. Nothing
    Really. Don't even get up.
  2. Sex
    Sunday sex is best, even if solo. You either go back to sleep, or get something to eat.
  3. Drink good alcohol
    You can start at 1159 am. Before noon, mimosas or champagne. But stop before 9pm. Seriously, don't be the Monday irresponsible slob at work, because you drank all day and all night. Don't be an idiot.
  4. Take a nap.
    A nap on Sunday afternoon is a time honored tradition.
  5. Converse with your kids.
    Caveat: don't be drunk while talking with your children. It's not cool or healthy. Take time to find out who they really are. Seriously, folks. We're all going to die soon.
  6. Watch a good movie.
    Don't waste your time with crap. Plus, you can double up talking with your kids and partner.