An ongoing list. Hit 💾 and check back for the latest. Inspired by @billmaher
  1. New Rule: If you call yourself a marketing "guru" you have to take a vow of silence.
  2. New Rule: Ending headlines with “Is What We Need Right Now” disqualifies you from calling yourself a “News Reporter”.
  3. New Rule: Christians who condemn burkas as oppressive to women have to stop preaching to girls about not tempting boys by showing too much skin.
  4. New Rule: Daryl from The Walking Dead has to start wearing a helmet. It would suck to have survived the zombie apocalypse this long only to die in a motorcycle accident.
  5. New Rule: We have to stop being scared of brown people in hijab and hoodies and start being more scared of white people in business suits, who, as a group, do a lot worse stuff to the world on a daily basis.