Because Halloween is just around the corner, and I'm hoping I can come up with some inspiration.
  1. Ninja Turtle - My first costume. I believe I was actually Raphael. My parents obviously had good taste.
  2. Bunny - I was obsessed with this costume and wore it a couple years in a row. I should probably mention that I loved Bugs Bunny, so that probably had something to do with it.
  3. Snow White - Loved my princess/dress costumes, but always put up a fight when it was too cold and Mom said I had to wear a coat. Ugh...
  4. Belle - Favorite Disney character ever. My grandma even gave me her clip-on pearl earrings. I was a hip 5 yr old.
  5. Pocahontas - My mom sewed this one so it had long sleeves that looked like skin. I didn't have to wear a coat that year because of it. Boom.
  6. Bride - There were several girls in my class that wore this costume...I don't know why we all wanted to be brides when we hadn't even lost our baby teeth. But whatever...
  7. Maleficent - Yes, I went as Maleficent, the greatest Disney villain of all time. This was decades before the Angelina Jolie movie, so everything I had was handmade. Probably my favorite costume ever.
  8. Fortune Teller - Everyone thought I was a gypsy and it made me mad because they obviously weren't looking at my crystal ball. I even bought a book on palm reading, because I was a very well-researched costume wearer.
  9. Little Red Riding Hood - Now moving to the high school/college years when it became cool to dress up again. This was a stereotypical store-bought, last minute dress. But it worked.
  10. Meg (from Hercules) - I had broken my foot and was wearing a boot, so I added gold ribbon to make it more festive.
  11. Carmen Sandiego - Where in the world was I? I'll never tell...
  12. Flo from Progressive - Definitely the most comfortable costume ever. White sweatpants and Converse sneakers. I signed lots of autographs that night.
  13. Peter Pan - This was a last-minute purchase, so not my best work.
  14. Coke bottle - One of my more creative endeavors, but was cute and comfy.
  15. This year? - No idea, looking for inspiration.