1. They got married before the Internet even existed!!!
  2. They raised six kids and one of them was me!!!!
  3. Despite his old age my dad is so physically strong he could lift a whole washing machine!!!
  4. My mom teaches kindergarten! She's really good at it!
  5. My dad was in the FBI so he was allowed to carry guns on air planes!
  6. They haven't haven't been drunk in 30 years!
  7. They taught six kids how to drive and excluding myself their average number of traffic violations is pretty low!!!
  8. They're seriously the nicest and the best!
  9. They both used to have red hair, but are old now!
  10. When my mom was little she used to go buy cigarettes for her parents from the hardware store that my dad worked at, but they didn't officially meet until many years later!
  11. I've never seen them fight!
  12. The first time my dad saw my mom he was like "who dat" and his friend was like "That's Jane Sullivan, she'd never go out with you."
  13. My mom's middle name is Frances!!!
  14. They're still super in love! It's very inspiring!!
  15. My dad is very tall, but he's all legs so when they're sitting down my mom is taller!!!!