Everything after Carol was devoured between January 2 and January 9 JUST SAYIN
  1. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
    Have you ever noticed how weird Kiera Knightly's mouth is?
  2. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
  3. Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
  4. L.A. Noche
    @carlsaganlives ayye this counts ✨🔫
  5. The last 5 episodes of Casual
    This was the afternoon that I also did sit ups. I did sit ups and watched casual. I laid on my floor and watched Casual.
  6. Modern Love by Aziz Ansari
    Hell yeah I read a book
  7. Bob's Burgers, seasons 3&4
  8. Carol
    The first movie I saw in 2016 and the last movie I really need to see before I die tbh right @zappullaj ?
  9. Legend of Korra: book 3
    I got on Amazon Prime to watch transparent. Spent the next 6 hours binging a Nick Toon instead.
  10. Seasons 1-2 of Transparent
    I watched it so pfast cus I love the Pfepherman clan
  11. Making a Murderer
    Holy shit! I love hype!
  12. Sisters
    With two of my sisters!
  13. The Hateful Eight
    The same day that I started Transparent and Making a Murderer. Fell asleep durning the 3rd chapter (this movie had chapters so it's like I read another book!)
  14. Frances Ha again
  15. The first season of You're the Worst
  16. While We're Young
    Ben Stiller hasn't been this relatable since Madagascar!
  17. Laggies
    Had to check on the status of Kiera Knightly's weird mouth. Less weird when she's doing an American accent TBH.
  18. One episode of That's So Raven, Two episodes of Lizzie McGuire
  19. Legend of Korra: Book 4
    Amazon didn't have it. I found it though. Loved it.