1. It started at 10:00 and I re-woke up at 10:01
    The first time I woke up at 9:30, I turned off my podcast app and fell back asleep. Call Chelsea Peretti had been playing all night.
  2. I can go to the first half hour of the other section of the class at noon.
    But then I have to leave to go to my real class.
  3. *cough*cough* I'm a wittle sick so need my west
  4. I need more time to read about how I'm supposed to feel about The Wiz
  5. I just got to brush my teeth for AWHILE
  6. I'm about to go to the gym IN THE MORNING
  7. Which means I can finally shower!
  8. TBH I might not go to the gym
    No. IM GONNA GO!
  9. It's mother effing Friday y'all
  10. TGIF