It's 2016. U need a best friend. U and ur best friend need to have a lot of memories preserved on social media. And perhaps most importantly, you and your best friend need to have a fairly well defined brand. (Ps I actually made this list that one day we were going back through old Twitter but I decided to save it for your birthday)
  1. So here's pretty much where it all began. I honestly regret not recreating this picture at graduation more than anything. I know u feel the same. Recreating pics and having the same opinions is a very significant part of our brand.
  2. The conversation leading up to this: Joey~ Do u ever find urself completely unable to spell drew Barrymore? Henry~Can't say I've ever had that problem. Bein silly and talking about celebrities? That's our brand.
  3. I was stuck at the HS for some reason, was gonna be stuck there all evening, and needed food fast. WALKED TO HENRYS HOUSE FOR CEREAL THEN HE DROVE ME TO SPEEDWAY (probably) AND THEN BACK TO THE HS.
  4. When I texted my mom that we were coming to cut my hair.
  5. We did this together. U forgot that I took the L and u took the C. But then I demanded u gave me credit and in a move that is not on brand for you YOU DID 🔥💥❤️(not that u wouldn't give me credit for something I did u just love making me go like AGH PLZ TELL ME IM COOL)
  6. Nick & Henrys senior night. Who do I sit with when I'm watching my only two friends?!?
  7. I love the Planet of the Apes Prequels. I love them because they're actually amazing, because it's pretty funny for me to like them as much as I do, and because we both love them so much together. Christmas '14? Ya each gave each other different Planet of the Apes movies and pretty sure both lost them. IT DOESN'T GET MORE ON BRAND FOR US THAN THAT.
  8. We literally just went on a hike and had the best time. My boots just happened to not be water proof but I didn't believe it. Talked ab making a short film because at this time we were volunteering at CIFF and that was a HUGE part of our brand.
  9. An audio message of a fart!!!! Can u believe it?!
  10. Here's the deal, We all decided we wanted to start being cardigan guys at the same time. I got the first one, but when I bought this particular cardigan it was after I knew Henry already had it. But Henry and I matched on accident ALL the time. A few weeks into college, the longest time we'd been apart in years we were still all match match.
  11. Ok yeah so really as a trio our brand is if u split us up we'll cry. Not necessarily literally true, but it's our brand. Oh and it is true. Remember how much we cried that one time when we were fucked up on bud light, four Loko, and vodka + HOT Coke and u were leaving for school in 2 days? Lol!
  12. Happy birthday biiiiiiiiiitch