In a person's life, they're only gonna meet five Kevin's. I've already met four of mine, I've only got one Kevin left! Here are my Kevins.
  1. Kevin the mail man
    He has two twin daughters and he's been delivering mail to my family home for as long as I can remember. Wave to him all the time.
  2. Kevin Knip
    One of my best friends from 5th-8th grade. Kind of a basic loser in high school. He has rly bad tattoos now.
  3. Kevin Musliner
    A dear dear acquaintance who helps me survive my least favorite class. He gave me a really good hair cut for free a couple weeks ago and then the week after that he bought two swords on Amazon.
  4. Kevin Bright
    The creator of Friends! Went to a Q&A thing he did last semester and he answered my question! Also he's the advisor to the EVVY Awards so on Wednesday he gave notes on a thing I wrote and listened to me make flute noises with my mouth.
  5. Who will be my next Kevin?
    Hey sorry Kevin McLaughlin who ALMOST dated my sister, YOU DON'T COUNT.