1. We sit on each other and take a photo
  2. We go to church on Christmas Eve
    This year the family behind us was talking really loudly before the mass started and we rly haven't stopped complaining about it. In their defense it we were all super early but they were rude and their convo was dumb.
  3. If ur in the fam and u have a significant other, after church is when you go hang out with their family. You can take as much time as u need, we understand, but just know we are all sitting in the living room with the presents we got for you waiting to exchange them until you return. I can try to keep ppl calm, but they're getting restless!
  4. Then my mom gives us matching pajamas
  5. Then me and my sibs exchange gifts
  6. If someone's disappointed with their gift they accidentally say something that sounds passive aggressive then promise they didn't mean it like that
  7. Then me and all my sibs (and this year my brother's fiancé) all sleep in the same room and wait for Santa to come
  8. Then we line up in age order and my dad tapes us walking down the stairs and opening our presents
  9. My extended fam comes over and they give me and my sister Annie rly expensive gifts, but not the rest of my sibs cus they're too old for that
  11. Usually I don't talk to my other relatives much but I talked to my g-ma for a rly long time last night cus she asked me about Scientology and I recapped Going Clear for her
  12. After everybody else leaves we all cuddle in the living room and then my parents go to bed cus it's been a rly long day and we hang and play games or watch a movie or something
  13. Today me and my sisters legit watched 2 hrs worth of Wee Sing videos
  14. Day after Christmas is when i politely say that even tho I love something I got it doesn't fit/I'd maybe love something else more. Then I'm convinced I should keep it.
  15. Tomorrow we're all going ice skating!