@marykatecarr deserves a lot of credit for the time she spent doing research for this list. Who's to say what happened on which Wednesday, really. Wenjoy!
  1. # 5.) The Wednesday when Mary Kate cried.
    Historians have agreed that the first official Wednesday hang most likely included a trip to Robo, an inexplicable wrist injury to Kenzie, and the death of Mary Kate Carr. Mk was still in LB at 3am despite her very real 8am class. No one would tell her whether she should leave or stay and no one would speak English. Moved to tears by gibberish, MK returned to Brookline where the ladies of 108 (Aka Ultra Light Beam) would ask, "What is up with this Wednesday Hang?"
  2. #4.)The Wednesday with the chicken parm or the birth of Bridge in the Fridge.
    The common quality that Ben and MK and I share is that we're almost never too busy to hang, even when we are. Personally, I'm never to busy to go to Brookline for free chicken parm. For the most part, this Wednesday was very chill. Just a couple of beers, great food, qual convos, and the birth of Bridge in the Fridge.
  3. #3.) The Wednesday that was actually chill.
    Step 1: Fajitas and Rita's. Step 2: chill in my room till Jack was free. Step 3: Chill in jacks, watch people's films. THATS IT. Nobody drank TOO much. No body was pushed to any physical or emotional limits. Bridge was there! WE WERE ALL FINE. The craziest part of the night was when I whipped out my lap top and tried to email a professor from fajitas and Rita's.
  4. #2.) The Wednesday when I had a cold.
    My wildest Wednesday. When Joey Lyons has a cold he can drink anything and he is very happy to do so. 6 celebrations, two glasses of wine, and two shots of gin and one phone call via FB call from Santi Maclean. My life was truly different that Thursday morning, all for the better. Also, great food and great quality time with the residents of the ultra light beam.
  5. #1) The Wednesday that was Ash Wednesday.
    Honestly this Wednesday was more iconic than any realized. We kicked off Ash Wednesday with a mass in the Beard room (Mk+Joey+Beth) and it was a wild guilt trippy ride with a very fake seeming priest. That was followed up by my first three pitchers of Ritas at the spot. Then five beer Ben struck again, back at it with five Sierra Nevada Celebrations. Ben and Kenzie went wild and fought and Kenzie touched everyone's tongue. "No more Wednesday hangs"- @carlsaganlives on the second day of lent
  6. Remember, the best part about Monday: Wednesday is just around the corner! (Also around the corner, ROBO!)