I ride the train everyday and see some stuff...some normal, some not so
  1. Dancers looking for tips
    This is the "earn it" side of panhandling on the subway. Works way better than staring people down or making people uncomfortable with ranting. Some people are really good and should take their talents to a setting where they can get paid, seriously better than what I've seen on AGT. Others need practice, but I'll toss'em a dollar for the effort
  2. iPhone-a-holic
    Plenty of people on their phones, I don't knock that, heck I'm on mine now writing this, but some people...some people expect everyone else to be looking out for them when they are engrossed in their Facebook feed or catching up on Netflix series. I ask these people to please pay attention when entering and exiting the train, you can actually get hurt if you aren't looking where you're going
  3. Mr. Sleepy
    Head bouncing around, slumped in a seat near the window. My question is, "how does this guy even know when he got to his stop?!" Guess it's not my thing, but there's plenty so it seems to work for some
  4. Ms. Makeup/hair/outfit change
    I'm all for maximizing time but this seems like things you probably should have done before you left the house, done in the powder room at the office, or hold off on until you reach your destination. We don't need to be a part of your grooming habits please
  5. The people watchers
    That's my crew! LOL! I am fascinated by all the people you see on public transportation. The mix of people, styles, interests, habits...I love it all. I imagine little stories about where people go, what they are doing, who they go home too. Ha ha! Just don't make eye contact, people get creeped out sometimes! 😄😂