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  1. It's Nutritious
  2. It's Spiritual
  3. Security
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It's sarcasm don't fret! Please add witty comments or suggestions..
  1. It's an app and a URL!
  2. It absolutely does work for groceries!
  3. The cool people on Android are finally here!
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suggestions and comments welcomed..
  1. So much practice making SHIT LISTS which I am usually on.. 💩
  2. Practice writing grocery lists 📝
    I have worked in a grocery store trust me women outnumbered men 10 to 1 with lists in their hand.. It's like they were on a mission from God!
  3. Women being smarter than men realize if they don't make a list they might forget something.. 🙆
    Just kidding we are all equally smart funny good looking and warm and fuzzy..
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well not really my money the bank's money, but who's counting not me!
  1. Just for men!
    Because you "gotta be fresh! "
  2. Cindy Crawford anti-aging cream by dr. Sebagh
    Extracted from only the finest cantaloupe like melons in the north of France!
  3. Late night diet fads, blenders and juicers
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  1. 24/7 addiction hotline for those listers that can't stop listing!
  2. Hit 1000 followers enjoy a grand slam breakfast at Denny's with @bjnovak
  3. New Direct Message feature with automatic DICK-PIC blocker!
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@bjnovak everybody should have a Wishlist/Bucketlist on li.st what's yours?
  1. New shoes New laptop New Corvette Meet and work with Paul McCartney More time More energy Win Powerball Travel Europe Party with @bjnovak Run the Boston Marathon Run with the Bulls(not the Chicago ones) Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Try Hot Yoga
    I'm sorry it's easier to build my lists in a separate Note file and then paste them here as one entry then I have a backup as well..
Please let me know what I left out.. Thanks!
  1. Make time go faster at work, No time for grammer and spellin, Makes it okay to talk to yourself in public, Never miss a status update or new li.st, If you have no life you got one now!
  2. Pocket porn, Piss off old people, Lose your ability to ever navigate on your own, Makes driving less boring, Communicate while taking a shit,
  3. Become a restaurant critic, Build your nonverbal communication skills, Feel superior when standing next to someone with a flip phone, Fake gold and diamonds for your new case
  4. Stay connected even while at the movies!
  1. 1.
    He is a pathological liar even more than a politician!
  2. 2.
    He flip flops on issues even more than a politician!
  3. 3.
    He unlocks the door to closeted white racists, bigots, xenophobes and misogynists!
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