1. 24/7 addiction hotline for those listers that can't stop listing!
  2. Hit 1000 followers enjoy a grand slam breakfast at Denny's with @bjnovak
  3. New Direct Message feature with automatic DICK-PIC blocker!
  4. Free upgrade to li.st Pro2. 0
    (trial period expires in 30 days if cancellation is not made in writing card will be billed 9. 99 per month)
  5. New Live interactive webcam! (clothing optional)
  6. Entire android app sprayed for bugs all issues resolved!
  7. Full-featured bio, no character limit powered by match.com!
  8. EMOJI VR support for full 3D virtual reality life-size Emoji experience!
    (only available for Android users with Samsung Galaxy S7 or note 4/5)
  9. New li.stchip.assist feature will create lists while you sleep based on your dreams! (implant chips sold separately)
    Frees up more time for hardcore listers like @snoopdogg @bjnovak @PeteOnEarth
  10. Coolest new user of the week award!
    This week goes to.. 😎
  11. More features coming soon!