13 awful moments
  1. Regret
  2. The tingling in your fingertips as you're dropping something you know will break or spill
  3. When you've grated all the cheese but don't realize it so you grate the tip of your finger
  4. The sickish feeling in your stomach after an ailing elderly relative says something racist and you feel it is your duty to call them out
  5. When you're singing along to music and incorrectly recite the lyrics of a song you thought you'd memorized
  6. The frustration experienced after posting a tweet with a spelling error in it
  7. The knowledge that your current level of happiness is contingent upon how quickly they text you back
  8. Noticing you didn't brush your teeth as you're leaving the house
  9. The insane and frankly alarming jolt of pure joy felt when the person you like texts you out of the blue
  10. The stab of acute embarrassment after something triggers a memory of something idiotic you did
  11. Constantly thinking about someone no matter how hard you try to rid them from your mind
  12. The plunging-gut no-more-floor suddenly-falling feeling before a competition, a race, or giving a speech
  13. The contempt felt for yourself when you realize how large a percentage of your world-ending issues can easily be categorized as "first world problems"