Ask me about tea, literature, chocolate, The Mindy Project, feminism, BBC dramas or even how to properly raise a cactus. Like most humans, I know an awful lot about some things and next to nothing about others. Namely, the following subjects
  1. Directions
    No matter where I am (home town, University town, some city I'm visiting for the first time) I am constantly asked for directions. I cannot explain it. I am legitimately asked by strangers on the street at least five times each week. I've started taking a tally. Absolutely bizarre.
  2. Spelling
    I am an unabashed and wholly irritating grammar queen, so perhaps that's where this one stems from. However - PSA - spelling is most definitely outside the realm of my word processing talents.
  3. The news/current affairs
    This is actually something I'm trying to improve upon - I always feel like I'm two steps behind vis a vis what's going on in the world and I feel terribly ignorant when people assume that I'm more caught up and aware than I am (because I should be!)
  4. Relationships
    I am asked for advice regarding relationships far, far too often, especially when you consider my personal romantic history (or lack there of) which I could record for you in detail in ONE PARAGRAPH OR LESS. Not that I don't like giving advice - it just seems odd to me that others trust it.
  5. The law
    Is it illegal to do this? Will I get arrested if this happens? I don't know, why don't we ask someone who is vaguely fond of rules but really knows LESS THAN NOTHING about the intricate ins and outs of our nation's legal system GOOD IDEA
  6. The date today
    ?????? Nobody ever knows this ?????? Spoiler - that is why we all ask each other! Just save yourself some time and google it. Or invest in a calendar maybe? Or a phone or a watch?