...and our insecurities therein
  1. And this is what I heard:
    (and I participated in this, definitely)
  2. I don't like my nose, it's too big
  3. I don't like my cheeks, they're too wide
  4. I don't like my eyes, they're too small
  5. I don't like my forehead, it's too long
  6. And this is what I saw:
  7. Three kind, supportive, there-for-me roommates
  8. Three beautiful women
  9. Three of my best friends
  10. Three incredible humans capable of a plethora of incredible things
  11. Then I realized - none of us would ever think these things, let alone say them, about any one of the other people in the room.
    OF COURSE we wouldn't.
  12. We are only ever this hard, this critical, to ourselves...
  13. We just see our friends when we look at each other.
  14. We just see people.
  15. ...isn't that the way we should be able to look at ourselves?
    Gosh I'm not usually this sentimental...it just kind of hit me all of the sudden and I feel like I need to get it out there.