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  1. 1. Tractor driver for a tobacco farmer (I was ten years old).
  2. 2. Cucumber picker.
  3. 3. Bagger for a grocery store.
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I'll keep this short. I'm just feeling sorry for myself right now.
  1. 1. SLAP surgery on my left shoulder.
    First ever surgery. Wear and tear from fighting, I suppose.
  2. 2. Right lung surgery due to spontaneous pneumothorax. Well, twice.
    Short version, my right lung collapsed over Christmas break one year; got reinflated and three days later, I went home. Six months later, it collapsed again and this time surgery had to fix it. (Sidebar: I also coded for 43 seconds the night before surgery.)
  3. 3. ACL reconstruction, left knee.
    Jiu jitsu injury, tournament.
  4. 4. ACL reconstruction, right knee.
    Jiu jitsu injury, training.
  1. 1. Watching kids or little people fall down.
    I'm sorry, I know that's awful, and as a teacher, I immediately make sure kids are ok. But just witnessing the act of losing balance for both these groups...😂
  2. 2. Listening to other people's conversations and answering their questions that they're actually asking of themselves.
  3. 3. Purposely, daily, saying something to my third graders that I know they can't comprehend.
    Ex. So, let's just try to create that spatial awareness, in another scenario.
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  1. 1. Knowing the kids truly felt comfortable around me and knowing that they know I love them by my works, not my words.
  2. 2. Getting my eccentric, introvert to come out of her shell this year. She had her best year ever.
  3. 3. Getting yet another group to truly appreciate my weird humor.
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  1. Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too by New Radicals.
    This is the band that brought you the 90s hit Get What You Give. Forget that song. This entire album is chock full of deep, oft disturbing lyrics and catchy tunes. This songwriter is incredible.
  2. Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy by The Refreshments.
  3. Sparkle and Fade by Everclear
    Before they sold out to the radio gods, this was rock at its best. Infectious tunes, meaningful lyrics.
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  1. Hee Haw
  2. Three's Company
  3. Benson
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  1. Bag of Bones.
    You don't wanna read this book. You GOTTA read this book. Even King aficionados say this is easily in his Top 5. You're welcome.
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    Four words: Flesh, Blood and Bone.
  3. Jurassic Park
    This is a phenomenal novel. Nuff said.
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  1. Taking a pic of my amazing wife as she continues to get shredded.
  2. Seeing a HOT pregnant woman in Old Navy.
  3. Drinking a cold beer and hanging out with my wonderful better half.
  1. Pregnant women are the most beautiful people in the world.
  2. Just because I rock a suit.
  3. Trying to find vacuum filters is no Bueno.
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  1. 1. Hotel Impossible
  2. 2. Vanderpump Rules
  3. 3. The Ultimate Fighter
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