1. 1. Watching kids or little people fall down.
    I'm sorry, I know that's awful, and as a teacher, I immediately make sure kids are ok. But just witnessing the act of losing balance for both these groups...😂
  2. 2. Listening to other people's conversations and answering their questions that they're actually asking of themselves.
  3. 3. Purposely, daily, saying something to my third graders that I know they can't comprehend.
    Ex. So, let's just try to create that spatial awareness, in another scenario.
  4. 4. Browsing old antebellum cemeteries and looking at the cool, unique names on the headstones.
  5. 5. Pregnant women. Love em, love em, love em.
    I have groped many, MANY pregnant women in my day. My IG is full of em. I think they are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet. I need a help group. (Nothing creepy.)