For those of you who don't know, I own a small streetwear brand called Krucial. These are a few individuals that have inspired me from a design aspect to an ethics aspect. Thank you:
  1. Kid Cudi
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    Cudder was my first "idol" tracing back to when I was a freshman in high school. Not even into hip hop at the time, I stumbled across his Pursuit of Happiness music video on youtube only because MGMT was featured on it. My mind was blown. I had never heard such a unique sound. I went on to discover that the rest of his music was just as unique. Although I don't necessarily connect with everything Cudi says (I've never even smoked weed), he aided me in finding my inner creativity/individuality.
  2. Bobby Hundreds
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    It's hard for me to even pinpoint what exactly it is about Bobby that inspires me. Probably because its just about everything he does. From his thoughtful writing to his creative direction with The Hundreds, Bobby never has anything but profound things to say. Which is why when Bobby speaks, you listen. Another thing, as much of a "celebrity" Bobby has become, he has remained humble & you can tell at the end of the day, he is just a regular dude not unlike myself. Here's a pic of when I met him.
  3. Banksy
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    The mystery in Banksy has always baffled me. How could someone so "famous" and worth so much money be unidentifiable!? Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Banksy always comes strapped with a message. He's one of the loudest people of our time and we've never even heard him speak. Here's one of my favorite Banksy pieces:
  4. 13thWitness
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    I discovered 13th a few years back on Instagram. Since that time, hundreds of other street photographers have popped up but 13th remains my favorite. His photos just speak to me. Not to mention his girlfriend.. nevermind. It's really hard to pick a single photo to post but I really like this one:
  5. Johnny Cupcakes
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    Besides his ridiculously awesome name, Johnny Cupcake is just a really cool dude. His streetwear "story" is a lot different than anyone else's. Another example of a highly successful business man that has remained 100% humble. I like that JC preaches that it's okay to be a goofball and not take life too seriously. I really admire his attention to detail. I met him back in 2012 (right as I was about to launch Krucial) and he actually took the time to sit there and give me some useful advice.
  6. Kanye West
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    First off, lets get it straight. I'm a fan of Kanye's work more than Kanye as a person. However, I don't hate him as a person. I think Ye definitely has a method behind his madness. Someone who has remained relevant this long in street culture is no dummy. No matter what Kanye does, it will never undo The College Dropout. Kanye helps supply me with the self-confidence that I lack. Not really sure where this is going but MBDTF was a masterpiece & his shoes are incredibly dope... #Yeezy2020??