History has its eyes on poo.
  1. "nice going angelica, he was right, you should never have shat inside"
  2. "most disputes die and no one poops"
  3. "why do you shite like you're running out of time"
  4. "in new york you can poop on a man"
  5. "raise your ass and free some"
  6. "maaan, the man farts non-stop!"
  7. "love doesn't discriminate between the shitters and the taints"
  8. "NUMBER TWO!"
  9. "oh let me be a fart in the narrative, in the stories they will write someday"
  10. "the bathroom where it happens"
  11. "everyone shall shit under their own vine, and fig tree"
  12. "when are these colons (jeez!) gonna riiiise up"
  13. "I have the honor to be your obedient servant...a . nus"
  14. "eyo I'm just like my country I'm young, crappy and grumpy"
  15. "the first murder trial of our brand new nation, the liberty behind the constipation"
  16. "guns and shits"
  17. "these hemorrhoids...buuuuuuurn"
  18. "i am not throwing away my shart"
  19. "angelica! eliza! and poogy"