1. Talk less, write more.
    This is only slightly intentionally Hamilton-related.
  2. Watch fewer animated TV reruns and more movies.
    I have seen every episode of Bob's Burgers at least 3 times but I haven't seen every Tarantino movie and that is just dumb.
  3. Take more long walks with kind people.
    Fairly self-explanatory.
  4. Cook meals for cool people that I want to know better.
    Inviting people over for free homemade food is a good way to build friendships. Plus I like cooking.
  5. When people say "you look straight today," don't say "thank you."
    It's not a compliment. Looking gay is a good thing that I am proud of and it will help me attract a mate eventually. Internalized homophobia is a shitty thing that I WILL conquer. This is a less relatable resolution and I understand that but this list is for me, ok?