No insects were harmed in the making of this (purely speculative) list.
  1. This chick-egg.
    A little cricket hops up and hits the translucent yellow dome yet again. The bird stares out impassive, its cold beady eyes blind to the horrors going on within its glossy interior. Happy Easter indeed.
  2. This bottle being drunk by a dwarf.
    After a long day of landing on old bananas, a fruit fly smells some spilled jungle juice and flies over to this sculpture. It gets through a crack in the side and is soon trapped in the thick glass. Escape is futile...bottoms up.
  3. This jelly bean dispenser.
    A little kid walks over to the machine. "Mommy," he says, "I want a jelly bean." "Ew!" says the mother. "There's a beetle inside there!" The kid locks eyes with the beetle as his mother pulls him away. The beetle crawls into the depths, praying that one day, a quarter will grant him his freedom. That day never comes.
  4. This novelty Dali clock.
    "Tick. Tock." The minute hand of the clock moves up slowly, carrying a little passenger. The ant looks out through the warped plastic to see the residents of the house playing Super Smash Bros. "Pika Chuuuu!" says the game, as the Pikachu player meets an untimely end. "Tick. Tock," thinks the ant in time with the strokes of the minute hand. It does not make the time pass any faster.