Requested by @thecomicswife and took me way too long to write!! Hope y'all enjoy. I feel like a younger and gayer Martha Stewart.
  1. Start with a clean sheet of white paper.
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  2. And some good scissors.
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    Or mediocre scissors. Work with what ya got.
  3. Fold a corner over and cut to make a square.
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    Make sure your fold is precise, but the cut doesn't matter!! As you can see, I was super lazy with mine. We'll cut off the excess in a sec.
  4. Fold your square three times, into eigths.
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    Now, this does have to be precise. Try to make the bottom as pointy as possible--take your time to fold it as perfectly as you can.
  5. Cut a fun edge to your snowflake.
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    This is the number one trick to making a cool snowflake. Square snowflakes are more amateur. Try for a fun, weird edge (remember: it will look symmetrical at the end no matter what so don't be afraid to be crazy!!)
  6. Cut out a large-ish, weird shape.
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    Give your snowflake some nice negative space. Remember to leave enough room between this and the border so it doesn't rip.
  7. Continue cutting out weird shapes, while keeping the borders roughly the same size.
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    Having evenly-spaced weird shapes keeps the snowflake intact and makes them look more professional (can paper snowflakes be professional-looking? idk).
  8. Make sure to hold the snowflake tight as you do this.
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    If you hold it loosely, the layers will get messed up and it won't be symmetrical.
  9. Keep making weird shapes that fit in with the others you've made. Try not to cut too much off the edges, but go crazy in the middle.
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  10. Cut into the very bottom with a cut that looks like a tiny slice of pie.
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  11. Y'all ready for this?
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  12. .
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  13. ..
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  14. YAYYYY!
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  15. You made a snowflake!!! Place it on a dog or a window and enjoy.
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