Memorable Uses of Music in Movies

When beautiful music is placed perfectly within a movie.
  1. Them - Nils Frahm - Victoria (2015)
    A few minutes of modern euphoria, placed perfectly within a single, 2-hour long take. Few scenes have encapsulated the feeling of nirvana as well as this one.
  2. Kids - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things (2016)
    80s Nostalgia Perfection.
  3. Those We Don't Speak Of - James Newton Howard - The Village (2004)
    Epic, yet intimate. An unforgettably uplifting scene and use of music in a dark fairytale.
  4. Hand Covers Bruise - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Social Network (2010)
    The iconic song from one of best movies in the last 20 years. Though used at the beginning, it laid out the main themes of the movie: loneliness and struggle to be accepted. The song is painfully touching and uniquely modern, tailor made for the online generation.
  5. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters - Moby - Heat (1995)
    Moby's most epic song at the end of Michael Mann's crime masterpiece. It gives a closure to a sad ending we had to respect.
  6. Forever Young - Alphaville - Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
    This song would be played at every dance I attended throughout my childhood. It is overly emotional and campy and dripping with nostalgia and could not be better used than in the Napoleon Dynamite prom scene. I love it.
  7. Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky - Friday Night Lights (2004)
    This will forever be THE defining song of the poignant experience that is High School Football in America. It seems tailor made for the movie that showed us just how big a deal the sport is for 17 year old boys, and entire communities in Middle America.