My 5 Stylistic Influences

Five people who inspire me in their overall aesthetic
  1. 1.
    Amazing producer/DJ, next-level dresser. Heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and Asian culture in his outfits. STYLE: Slick, Refined, Worldly.
  2. 2.
    Johnny Knoxville
    The Jackass frontman was an early role model of mine not just because of badass attire, but because of his impossibly cool, homeless-rockstar demeanor. 90s Skater meets movie star James Dean. STYLE: Rugged, All-America, Skater
  3. 3.
    Eazy E
    N.W.A. was loud, honest, and broke the rules, and Eazy E was their assault-rifle-toting frontman we all wanted to be. He inspired me to bust out the khaki Dickies work shirt, LA cap, and every a white man's version of the jheri-curl. STYLE: Gangster, West-Coast, Blue-Collar
  4. 4.
    Constance Zimmer
    I am not a lady but if I was, I would want Ms. Zimmer's style. She's a cool. And a mom. STYLE: Crafty, Modern, Elegant
  5. 5.
    Kurt Cobain
    I'll admit I'm not as into flannels and Chuck Taylors as Kurt, but I love his hair and glasses. Also, a phenomenal artist. STYLE: Messy, Bleached, Grunge
  6. 6.