Add all these together and you'll pretty much get me.
  1. Fireworks
    Explosives for the common man. They stole my heart as a pyromaniac 10 year old, and I have yet to grow out my obsession. I literally have some in my car at ALL times.
  2. Ice Cream
    My mom raised us on strictly healthy, organic food so we rarely had any sugar in the house with the exception of Ice Cream. She kept that shit STOCKED. I stay eatin it. It is a part of me. Mint-Chocolate-Chip forever.
  3. Video Camera
    I was reaching for the family camcorder before I could talk... Now it never leaves my hands. My passion.
  4. Gold Bandana
    Mine remained on my head for 2 years straight in High School. It was great for holding medium to long hair back, but also just stellar to add a unique flair for the personal style.