I do not know what made me like this.
  1. Wet Towels, Bathroom Floors, and Sink Counters
    I wipe all the water off my body with my hands after I shower. My towels barely ever become anything more than slightly damp.
  2. Kids Talking When The Teacher is Talking
    I'm not even in school anymore but I KNOW that somewhere in the world right now some little motherfucker is disrespectfully holding a conversation with another little motherfucker as his underpaid teacher tries to explain something to the class.
  3. Leaving A Bunch of Leftover Milk in Your Bowl After Eating Cereal
    Drink it or be better at guessing.
  4. Slicing Cheese Sloppily
    Don't destroy the block's aesthetic!
  5. Putting On Clothes When I'm Wet
    Clearly something bad happened to me as a child involving water.
  6. Leaving The Ice Cream Out After Eating It And Letting It Melt
    Fuck you