A tornado warning is currently in effect for Brooklyn!!!

  1. As I write this, it has only just begun to rain...
  2. Of course I don't want anyone to get hurt or damage to be done,
  3. But I hope it does storm...
  4. If only because a) I'm going on a date and if we end up at his place there's nothing better than cuddling in the rain
  5. B) I loooooove this weather
  6. C) it'll take some of the humidity out of the air
  7. D) I can run to my front stoop and yell, "it's a twista, it's a twista!"
  8. E) great opportunity to rewatch Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, Daria!, Places in the Heart, X-Men, United States of Tara, and of course, Twister.
  9. F) I've lived through a tornado before, and it was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced (again, no one got hurt). We all huddled in the basement and listened to the wind with candles.
  10. In conclusion, I love storms in the summer, and tonight shall be a good night. Enjoy the weather and stay safe BK!
  11. LISTERINES: share a storm-related memory in the comments! #sharingiscaring
  12. Update: as of 7:15, it is gorgeous outside. Warning schwarning 😒