Highlights = my pick / Bold = Oscar's pick ........ Who do you agree with my little Listerines? 🏆💁🎬
  1. 2015-2008
    Over the past eight years, I've agreed with Oscar between 25-30% of the time. Most surprisingly (to some foolish people), I've given Meryl top honors twice. Deservedly so, I say! Saoirse, Amy, Annette, and Gaby also pull out revisionist wins.
  2. 2007-2000
    In the first octet (I is smart..) since the turn of the millennium, me and Oscy have agreed over 50% of the time, with only Judi, Felicity, and Ellen being wrongfully overlooked imho.
  3. 1999-1990
    The 90s were a contentious time for Oscar and me. I only agreed with Hilary and Gwynnie. But Kate, Brenda, Meryl, Winona, Angela, and Michelle were all superior choices, in my eyes, than who the Academy crowned Queen.
  4. 1991-1984
    Yassss to Sally; kudos to Marlee; and meh to Tandy. Everyone else, you were wrongfully awarded. What about Geena and Susan (my only tie), Julia, Meryl, Glenn, and Whoopi?!
  5. 1983-1976
    I mostly agreed with Oscar during the late 70s and early 80s, although I would've personally awarded Meryl TWICE, Goldie, Jill, and Sissy.
  6. 1975-1969
    Aside from Jane's performances, which are two of my personal favorites, I'm sorta ambivalent about these years. I do think that Faye, Babs, and Fonda were robbed here though.
  7. 1968-1962
    I agreed with the Academy three times in the 60s, but I disagreed when it came to the unbeatable performances of Streisand, Hepburn, Andrews, and Wood.
  8. 1961-1955
    I only saw eye to eye with Oscar twice in the latter half of the 50s. I would've awarded Elizabeth Taylor twice, Deborah Kerr, Shirley MacLaine, and Natalie Wood (for the first time).
  9. 1954-1950
    The Academy got it right with Vivien and Audrey, but I would have given the Oscars in those odd years to Judy, Julie, and Bette instead.
  10. Most wins
    6 - Meryl Streep; 3 - Elizabeth Taylor; 2 - Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, Hilary Swank, Jane Fonda, Julie Andrews, Natalie Wood, Sally Field